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Dubai Municipality Launches Campaign to Legalize Unlicensed Residential Annexes for Citizens

Dubai Municipality has launched an initiative to legalize unlicensed residential annexes in citizens' homes within the areas subject to the Municipality's jurisdiction in the emirate.

The initiative, which will continue throughout the entire month of November 2023, aims to legalize the unlicensed annexes that have been constructed without obtaining requisite permits from the Municipality, as well as ensure the structural safety of those annexes and their compliance with the approved standards for construction in Dubai. The initiative is part of the Municipality's efforts to ensure that there is no structural risk in the annexes that were executed without obtaining prior permission, in addition to applying the best standards for monitoring construction activities and raising awareness in the community on the necessity of compliance with current laws and regulations. The move comes in line with the government’s directions in the Emirate of Dubai, which are aimed at enhancing the quality of life and ensuring highest levels of safety for all residents.

Dubai Municipality is offering several advanced processes to facilitate the application process and make the most of the initiative's advantages. The applicant must be a UAE citizen and owner of the residential villa or their authorized agent and can apply without submitting any documentation by calling 800900 and determining the land number of their residential villa or their spatial number as well as their contact details. All applications will be scheduled in the order they were received so that applicants can choose the most suitable day for a visit. A qualified engineer from the Municipality will conduct a visit in the second phase, during which the annex will be painted on the ground exactly as it is and will be structurally evaluated in accordance with the standards established in Dubai for determining its structural integrity and habitation.