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Abu Dhabi's judiciary is committed to digital transformation and optimising the use of modern technology, including artificial intelligence, to deliver swift justice.

They have successfully digitally transformed more than 200 court services and utilised artificial intelligence and machine learning in various court procedures to speed up case processing time.

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has fully digitalised all court services by making them available through an e-portal and authorised partner offices. They have also developed an intelligent digital service that utilises government data sharing to reduce input from the client and increase the accuracy of the information available.

The use of artificial intelligence includes projects based on machine learning and business intelligence to increase completion rates and speed of decision making in civil and criminal cases. They have upgraded systems for automated electronic sentencing for offences requiring reconciliation or waiver and for cases where the statute of limitations has expired. They also provide smart reports on completed cases, ongoing trials and pending cases to better track the work of judicial departments.

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department provides a smart judgement service in criminal courts, allowing parties to file appeals or objections against judgements in absentia through an electronic system and receive information on cases and judgements. They also provide a simultaneous translation service in multiple languages for the convenience of non-Arabic speaking residents.

An interactive filing service that allows you to file lawsuits in court with ease and without the need for knowledge of civil law. They also use intelligence businesses and business robots to determine the type of case and competent court, and to automatically notify and communicate with customers.

Overall, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department is actively utilising modern technologies such as artificial intelligence to ensure efficient and speedy justice, as well as simplifying court procedures for participants.