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Biometrics at Terminal A will have you boarding in just 3 seconds

Terminal A’s technological advancements, and the ease with which you’re about to travel through Abu Dhabi International Airport, are jaw-dropping to say the least. Check-ins will now happen in ten seconds, while you’ll be able to board your plane in just three. What that means is, you’re going to get from pulling your bags out of your trunk to arriving at your departure gate in as little as a cool twelve minutes.

With biometric services active at five touchpoints across Terminal A and plans to expand these to nine, we’ll be using these services at transfer gates, retail spots, self-service check-in, auto-enrolment, self-service bag-drop, e-gates and while boarding. And they’re applicable to UAE nationals, residents and visitors, as long as you’ve travelled through the UAE in the last seven years.

With transformative advancements such as these, it is no wonder Abu Dhabi’s Terminal A, or the Midfield Terminal as it is referred to, recently announced that all of its international carriers have transitioned to, and now operate out of, its newly-opened Terminal A facility.

The terminal is able to process up to a dizzying 45 million passengers a year, 11,000 travellers per hour and operate 79 big birds at once. In addition to 35,000 square metres of retail and F&B space, it also features passenger lounges, relaxation areas and more, in addition to what will eventually be 163 dining and retail outlets over a total area of 742,000 square metres. In line with the UAE’s continued sustainability push, Terminal A will also feature energy-efficient lighting, advanced Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems and has used sustainable materials in its construction.

We continue to be amazed by everything Terminal A unpacks. Watch this space as more updates come in…