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The financial incentives and the conditions of participation

The Emirates Competitiveness Program Nafis has established six procedures and conditions for private sector companies to avail of the financial benefits and incentives provided by the program. The program's website at the link ( was a good place for private sector firms to learn about the financial incentives and the conditions of participation. Upon verification of the correctness of the information, the benefits of the company will be automatically activated, since the program is only available to private sector companies that employ Emirati citizens after 13 years. The program is available to companies that pay citizens a monthly salary of less than AED 20,000, and qualified companies will receive a discount on a percentage of their contributions to the General Directorate of Pensions and Social Security or the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund. Nafis also urged job seekers to promptly update their data on the platform in order to avail of available job opportunities. This will facilitate the automatic matching of a job seekers qualifications, experience, job offer, and all other benefits provided by the software platform.