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Dubai Central Laboratory develops innovative screening system to detect pork byproducts in processed food

Hind Mahmoud Ahmed: “Developed within microbiological laboratories, the innovative system has significantly increased efficiency in detecting pork byproduct particles by nearly 100 times than conventional methods”
Dubai Central Laboratory, affiliated with Dubai Municipality, has developed an innovative examination and screening system aimed at detecting byproducts of pork in processed meat products by using high concentrations of DNA extracted from food products.
The launch of the new screening system comes in alignment with the constant efforts of Dubai Central Laboratory to create an ideal ecosystem for laboratory tests. It also seeks to provide a comprehensive service that ensures maximum efficiency and quality while adhering to the best international standards and specifications. The system guarantees the safety and quality of food products available in the market, contributing to the sustainability of the food system and enhancing Dubai’s reputation as the premier global destination for both work and living.
Engineer Hind Mahmoud Ahmed, Acting Director of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department at Dubai Municipality, asserted that the new screen mechanism is developed systematically and continuously in line with the nature of food products and materials that are available in the local market. The new laboratory continues to provide flexible, highly accurate, proactive testing services that meet the needs of customers. This aligns with the objectives of Dubai Municipality to establish a sustainable health and food ecosystem, ensuring community protection against food risks and enhancing the overall quality of life in the emirate.
Enhancing Efficiency
Hind said: "The new system was created in microbiological laboratories, and it has made all traded products more trustworthy by detecting pork byproduct residues with an efficiency that is about 100 times higher than that of conventional examination procedures. This achievement stands alongside the laboratory's numerous successes in improving operations and meeting objectives, which include the development and integration of globally accepted standards for laboratory testing and calibration certificates,”.
Developing New Technologies
Additionally, she highlighted the utilization of a state-of-the-art device featuring a fully automated system and secure protocol, facilitating comprehensive sample tracking from the initiation of testing to the publication of results. Furthermore, the automated reading based on fluorescence makes it one of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge methods in the world for detecting microorganisms in food samples.
Hind further explained that the technology ensures fast and accurate results, delivering outcomes within a single day and accommodating up to 100 tests per hour. The capability of the technology to swiftly identify various bacteria, yeasts, and fungi associated with food product quality and microbial contaminants play a pivotal role in enhancing flexibility, productivity, and the screening process and mechanism.
Integrated Tests and Analyses
Customers can take advantage of the microbiology analysis laboratory services offered by Dubai Central Laboratory, which include food product quality and safety examination, nutritional supplements, food contact materials (FCMs), and food product expiration date estimations.
Furthermore, they can benefit from environmental sample tests including bottled and non-bottled drinking water samples to guarantee that it does not contain any disease-causing bacteria, and sample tests of groundwater, irrigation water, sea, lakes, canals, beaches, swimming pool water, hotels and dental clinics water, sediment and soil, natural reserves, and hazardous-waste and fertilizers.
The customers can get the test reports of microbiological laboratory safety tests of different samples of consumables and goods - including cosmetics, detergents, kids’ toys, textiles, etc.
It is worth noting that Dubai Central Laboratory has several specialized innovative laboratories equipped with the most advanced techniques and technology for evaluating different sorts of products traded in Dubai's local market.